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Greenovation – Towards new concepts for user-driven innovation in the green sector.




Press Photo: Agritechnica is the world's foremost trade-show in agriculture. In 2015 a team from Sweden arrange the pavilion "Sweden Innovation Power". Place: Hanover: Dates: 8-14 November 2015. Stand: H03E18. Photo: Grönovation.

ED Biogas

Press Photo: The new MR biogas reactor from ED Biogas is an energy solution for farmers wanting to produce their own energy. Photo: ED Biogas.


Press Photo: High strength steel from SSAB means new types of construction that are both stronger and lighter. Photo: SSAB.


Press Photo: Elmia's fairs are a generator that inspires and drives development forward. Photo: Elmia.

Gothia Redskap

Press Photo: New modules
are continuously being created for System Cameleon. The latest addition is rearwheel
control which makes hoeing easier on bends and sideways inclines. Photo: Gothia Redskap.


Press Photo: A dialogue between the academic and practical world is a hallmark of the research project Grönovation (coordinated by Linköping University). The photograph shows an "innovation wall" at Agriculture Innovation Day: 200 people from the academic and practical worlds met to discuss innovation in agriculture. Photo: Per Frankelius.JTI

Press Photo: CombCut was voted Sweden's Rural Innovation 2012.It was developed by JTI in collaboration with Jonas Carlsson, a Swedish organic farmer. Photo: JTI.


Press Photo: SmartPlanes offers a system for monitoring large areas in the form of a turnkey solution. A complete package with adapted hardware and software for suppliers of field data and for end users in the green sector. Photo: SmartPlanes.

Torpa Går

Press Photo: Torpa Gård offers mini fairs where companies can demonstrate their products in reality. Photo: Torpa Gård.

Vreta Kluster

Press Photo: Vreta Kluster offers an arena where companies interested in technical progress and business development can gain valuable capacity reinforcement. Photo: Per Frankelius.

Sweden Innovatin Power

Press Photo: The booklet Sweden Innovation Power (by Elina Lejon, Elmia and Per Frankelius, Linköping University) presents 9 innovations and innovation promotors in Sweden. It also includes a reflection regarding agricultural challenges, the Swedish ecosystem for innovation and future developments. See pdf of this booklet. Photo: Per Frankelius.

Pavilion partners

The parners forming the pavilion Sweden Innovation Power.


Agritechnica 2015: Press info

Here is the background of the pavilion Sweden Innovation Power (stand H03E18) at Agritechnica 8-14 November 2015:

To meet the agricultural sector’s growing global challenges we need more than just improvements. The key is innovation. Sweden Innovation Power is a power cluster of nine innovative Swedish companies and organisations that are all helping to drive tomorrow’s agriculture.

Sweden Innovation Power has a clear place at the world’s biggest agricultural trade fair because the fair is a generator that encourages development and innovation in the green sector. We welcome you to our pavilion at Agritechnica 2015!

Read more about Sweden Innovation Power and its member companies in our booklet.



See beta version of the general slideshow that will be presented in the pavilion.

Press contacts

For the pavilion as a whole, please contact:

Maria Lindsäth
+46-36 15 22 28

Per Frankelius
+46-708 21 29 49

The participating organizations:

ED Biogas AB
Ove Nyman
+46-735 050 666

Elmia AB
Maria Lindsäth
+46-36 15 22 28

Gothia Redskap
Lars Askling
+46-13-39 32 00

JTI – Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering
Ann Segerborg-Fick
+46-10 516 69 14, +46-737 289 625

Linköping University, Grönovation
Per Frankelius
+46-708 21 29 49

Ola Friström
+46-910 362 60, +46-703 45 32 38

Johan Mattsson
+4670-59 34 974

Torpa Gård Konferens & Event
Bengt Samuelsson
+46-141 408 48
+46-70 562 93 40

Vreta Kluster
Helen Oscarsson
+46-703 19 76 43


In Swedish: Kort bakgrund

För att möta lantbrukssektorns växande globala utmaningar krävs mer än enbart förbättringar. Nyckeln är innovation. Sweden Innovation Power är en kraftsamling mellan nio svenska innovativa företag och organisationer som alla ger drivkraft åt framtidens lantbruk.

Sweden Innovation Power har en självklar plats på världens största lantbruksmässa eftersom arenan utgör en generator som sporrar utvecklingen och innovationskraften i den gröna sektorn. Välkommen att besöka vår paviljong på Agritechnica 2015!

Läs mer om Sweden Innovation Power och företagen i den svenska versionen av vår skrift här.