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Greenovation – Towards new concepts for user-driven innovation in the green sector.



Agritechncia pavilion

Welcome to the pavilon Sweden Innovation Power at Agritechnica. For press info, click here.

Swedish farm

The Grönovation project is about innovation in the green sector. How can we, for example, produce more food and at the same time take care of (and develop) the natural environment? Photo: Per Frankelius


Welcome to our project site!

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General info

This project, "Grönovation (Green innovation) - Towards new concepts for user-driven innovation in the green sector", will bring cutting-edge knowledge on how innovation can be stimulated in green sectors, not least by means of integrating users. The project revolves around new organizational forms. Besides case studies field experiments will be conducted. Furthermore, innovation needs will be investigated.

The project office is at Linköping University, Sweden. Among the partners are 3M, Lantmännen, SSAB, SMHI, SLU Holding, Elmia and Vreta Kluster.

Why this project? In the coming years a massive increase is expected in the need for food, energy and natural fibres. This ut pressure on companies in the green sector. At the same time competition will be intensified, alongside harder environment protection requirements. This whole equation is problematic from a profitability point of view. New innovative concepts are needed.

Regarding our field experiments: This may involve planting a novel concept at a user and then extract the opinions and ideas from the user. The project aim is therefore to orchestrate development projects where collaboration takes place between developers and users.

The dialogues between developers and users are expected to circle around on the needs, experiences from testing and not the least thoughts on how a particular new concept should be further developed to operate well in the user's environment.

To find optimal communication forms is central, and that includes the development of dialogue instruments (models for semi-structured interviews and principles for visual documentation).

In short, the project is to explore and test new ways to drive innovation in the agricultural and forestry sector, and then extract general lessons that can form the basis for a new model or theory. A strong team is behind the project, which will have among others Vreta Cluster as central activity-arena.

For more info please contact Per Frankelius (+46-708-21 29 49).